Name: Regular Belgian Block
Size: 9-10” x 4-5” x 4-5”
Pallet: 150 pieces per pallet
Per Square Foot: 3.2 pieces per square foot

Natural Stone blocks, hand chiseled ranging in size between 9-10 inches long, by 4-5 inches wide, by 4-5 inches thick. This size block is widely known as cobblestone or cobbles. Regular block is commonly used for aprons, edging, landscaping and hardscaping applicators. Each block weighs approximately 18- 20 pounds.


  • Gray – Most Popular
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Yellow

Regular Gray is sold by the ton or by the pallet. All other colors are sold by the pallet only.

There are approximately 110 pieces in a ton and there are 150 pieces on each pallet.





Belgian Block Regular Calculator

Available for pick up or delivery.

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